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Uzma asked 8 years ago

I have been doing meditation for two years now and i have helpers who guide me in it. I have seen jannah and Jahannum and the throne of Allah and Kabah On the Arsh and angels doing tawaf around it. Im a hijama pratitioner as well. So while treating patients i got very sick and found out in my meditation that black magic has been done on me and im surrounded by jinns to make me go crazy for years. Now as i have also seen who has down black magic on me and i know the problems in marriage and with my laws are the reason for that. Now i want to tell my inlaws that are as well afflicted by the black magic as well by her. My inlaws being normal muslims who just know the worldly affairs of a muslim not what goes on in the parallel life do not believe me. How do i make them believe me and warn them about the dangers they are living in. My in laws live with her and they have full trust on her. I need you help and guidance in this, please guide me to the right path.