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Amina asked 5 years ago

My husband and I both suffer from mental health disorders and see psychiatrists and therapists for depression, OCD and anxiety. My husband wants to get a dog to help, but I know this is not recommended to keep in the house.  My husband wants to buy a house so we can keep the dog in the yard but only bring it in at night or during winter.  As much as I think having the dog will help with our anxiety and depression, I’m nervous about the hadith about losing a qiraat of good deeds a day. I’ve been getting mixed reviews on how to treat the situation.  We adopted a cat to keep at home and its helped but my husband travels alot and I’m often left alone in the house and I get scared to go out in public because of social anxiety.  The therapist says that is why they recommend having a small dog since i can take it out with me. Friends and family don’t understand the anxieties so they aren’t available for everyday needs. The conscientious I am getting is that if a Muslim doctor truly feels that this will be helpful in our mental health then its ok, the other feedback i am getting is that it is not ok and that i need to have a human stay with me – but thats not always accessible.  Alhamduilah i live in a safe gated community with many older people so walking a dog would be safe at night. Regardless of how a feel my husband i think will be getting a dog and I can’t seem to convince him that its not allowed.  I have mixed feelings and I don’t know what to do.