Medication and fasting?

Medication and fasting?Category: ReligionMedication and fasting?
Saeed asked 7 years ago

Salam alaykum,
I have a mental disability according to my doctor I am on the severe spectrum, I am not allowed to drive without being on my meds. I am required to take two pills on a daily basis in order to go by the day.
Taking them would technically break my fast so I tried to work around it I tried taking them both right before iftar and during suhoor but the effect of the medication does not last until I start work (At noon). This is a bit problematic for me, since I can’t make my work schedule. While at university I was able to set my own schedule but now it is impossible for me. 
I know how fasting is important to me as a Muslim this is why I am coming here to ask for advice. I don’t know what to do, today I missed work because I simply couldn’t do it. It’s crippling me because on one hand I don’t want to break my fast but on the other hand not taking my meds causes me trouble.
Thank you in advance for your insight!