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Jen Blake asked 4 years ago

I am new to the study of Islam. I have been reading Arberry’s translation of the Quran and supplementing it with the Study Quran for context. Today, I ran across a passage that states: “And they routed them, by the leave of God, and David slew Goliath; and God gave him kingship and Wisdom, and He taught him such as He willed” (2:251).  The Study Quran translates it as: “And they routed them, by God’s Leave, and David slew Goliath, and God gave him sovereignty and wisdom, and taught him of what He wills.” It goes on to explain that “He was given wisdom, meaning that, as a major prophet in the  Islamic tradition, he inherited the prophethood of Samuel, and sovereignty, meaning he inherited the kingship of Saul.” My question is why the capitalization of Wisdom in Arberry’s translation? Is there more context or a different understanding of the concept of Wisdom (as a proper noun) in Islam, perhaps separate/beyond from the specifics of this passage? Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide.