Marrying a Muslim Transgender

Marrying a Muslim TransgenderCategory: RelationshipsMarrying a Muslim Transgender
Allie Cool asked 4 years ago

I come from a decently religious household and am in love with a transgender man. He has taken hormone pills and is undergoing surgery to fully become a man. He is a wonderful and kind-hearted person who is converting to Islam. I have a difficult time imagining anyone else who can emotionally and intellectually fulfill me as much as he does. The main problem is that my family will not support this marriage on the basis that he is a transgender man. This will certainly cause my family lots of grief and will likely result in me being kicked out of the household. I obviously want to maintain my relationship with my family, but I also do not want to let go of someone whom I consider my other half. How can I bring this subject up to my family? Is it wrong to bring this much grief to my family even if that is not my intention? Do I need to sacrifice my own happiness with a good person to make my family happy? 
I know this is a very sensitive subject, so thank you for taking the time to answer this question.