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Asma Ahmed asked 4 years ago

I have many question, some that may even be unacceptable to be curious about, however I really want to know more about the concept of married relationships after death. In Islam it is allowed for men to marry upto 4 wives, and I heard something about true love transports to jannah after death. So my question is when a man marries 4 different women. Which one would he be reunited with in jannah? What is the meaning of soulmate in Islam if men are allowed to have more than 1 women to wed.
Second question is I heard that when in a marriage if the husband gets cheated on by his wife, he will be paired with a hoor in jannah, is that true? What is the result for a Muslim wife whom gets cheated on by her husband?
Another question is if a guy divorces his wife more than 3 times with true intentions but was still having intimacy with her, was the divorce validated in Islam for that situation?