Marriage with a non Muslim?

Marriage with a non Muslim?Category: RelationshipsMarriage with a non Muslim?
Truthwarrior asked 4 years ago

The question is specific to my situation.
I am from a Muslim family, raised muslim but have really found faith around 16/17 years old and truthfully accepting Islam then through extensive study. I am 22 years old now.
I travel a lot and I have been independent since 17 years of age, for past 5 years I have a friend and we have become very close friends. She is the closest person to me and I am madly in love with her and she is madly in love with me. As wrong as it is and no denying harsh punishment awaits me, I tried to not be with her I just seem to manage it. 
She learns islam and what not, but she is not a Muslim. She is baptized though, but does not believe in  the christian way, I would like to marry her and she would like to marry me as the smallest time I am away from her the pain and agony torments me so much I am unable to do anything.  But my faith is deep rooted and firm as I cannot deny the truth. 
I know without a valid Nikkah there is no way we can lawfully be together. So here is the question,  is her baptism enough for an interfaith marriage? 
If not, she claims to believe in God but not through the Christian way, is that enough?
Please help me find the right way to proceed. Jazakallah in advance. 
May allah Bless us all!