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Mariama Sillah asked 4 years ago

Asalam Alaykum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.
I’m reverted to Islam since 13 months Alhamdulillah, before Islam i was a Christian.I was married legally whit documents to a non-Muslim /non beliver but we never was married religious. We are stil married while the divorce is going on. We brake up before me I reverted to Islam, while stil a Christian I meet my actual Muslim husband, we got married religious soon after I brake up my legal husband. One month after Islamic religious marriage I’ve embrace Islam as my religion, alhamdulillah for the most precious gift almighty Allah gifted me whit.while reading some rules and regulations about marriage in Islam im a bit confused and worried, now I’m having doubts that my marriage whit my Muslim husband is valid, if the marriage is not valid.. Astaghfirullah wa atubu ilaih.. Both of us are comiting Zina. I want to ask if my marriage is valid if me I got married as Christian while not divorced legally my ex husband whit which we never had a religious marriage but only by the state, and I should be wait for ‘iddah to be over before I would got married to my Muslim husband even if I wasn’t muslima at that time? And last thing the marriage ceremony was made in Gambia by the imam, the whole family of my husband was there at the ceremony while we was here in Germany all alone, also not having witness whit us. And me also I didn’t had a guardian appointed while wasn’t yet a muslim. I’m not having a father, I have some cousins in other countries whit which the connection is not even tight. So the people in Gambia was asking the acceptance of my parents for the marriage, my mother is dead,and I only have my grandmother which she know about me and my husband but I couldn’t get a proof that she agree because is also in other country so because of that I chose one of my close friend to write on a pice of paper that she accept me to get married to my husband and we send a picture of the paper to Gambia that they would see that someone from my part agreed but she’s not blood sister to me. Please help me to know if my marriage is valid according to everything I mentioned and if it isn’t what I can do and which are the next steps to a valid marriage, Jazak Allahu khayran Asalamu Aleykum