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unknown asked 8 years ago

I don’t want to tell my name but plz reply me.i was engaged for last 3 4 yrs and recently got marred. I am in my studying phase . before my marriage my parents told them that i will continue my studies and they husband isnt here his job is outside my country. Thn after my wedding i visit my in laws but dont live there and sometimes i do live fir 1 day a week.i spend eids and occasions they are forcing me to live there they are angry and my husband had fight also because of he told his parents that she can live but will go anywhere where u want but he is heart less in laws not talking me ..they are not happy husband although talk me bt we dont talk happily just talk only.
I cant live there as i cant study there i cant live only because of studies nothing else.but they take me wrong as always.i am very depressed depressed so much that i want to die.plz help sis in laws are also not parents talked them before my wedding about all this n tgey also knew but now whats the problem with them.i lost respect in front of them.plz help me.i was very lively bit now veru depressed because of this i visited ti psychiatrist also…plzhelp husband allow me now bt they all are angry from me.