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Sabah asked 7 years ago

Asalamolaykum Imam,
I have a family issue and maybe you can help me. I am happily married 3 years with a daughter. My husband and I have a good understanding and generally get along. We live in the ‘joint family’ system. Meaning My husband and I live with his parents, sister and brother. For the past 3 years I have been facing issues with privacy, lack of personal space and lack of freedom. I have had friction with my mother in-law since she is the head of the house. I felt the need of having my own separate place and I spoke to my husband about it. I told him it is my islamic right to live separate. He understand but tells me he can not afford to move out.
He makes decent money and in my opinion I feel that we can afford to live separate. Every time I tell my husband he insists we can’t afford to. He says the only way we can afford it is if I start working. We have a 15 month old daughter, how can I leave her and go work? I have been patient for 3 years and I feel like i deserve a separate place although it is my islamic right regardless. Please advise what I should do?