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Saira asked 4 years ago

Salam brother, im in a bit of a pickle to say the least, i am 21 years old and have had a proposal come to my parents which i am happy with. I know the guy and have been speaking for sometime now and we have an intention to marry therefore the proposal was done. The issue is that my dad is very reluctant in agreeing not to this but to anything. He has had this view in his head for a long time that he is reluctant to ever get me married and keeps saying you can never get married and will stay with me till the day i die, i wont ever agree to you leaving to live your own life. He is fully aware of what i want and to stop sinning i want to get married to this man, but my dad just wont ever get me married not now not ever, please would you advise me on something to maybe pray from quran or some direction in what i should do to help him understand my rights islamically and also my wish. Thanks