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Mardiya asked 4 years ago

Assalam Alikum, I’m struggling to come to terms with my parents especially my mother as I’ve had a man come for my hand in marriage back in February. This man isn’t a new person in terms of they are aware of I have seen him at events in public settings and I have mentioned his name a few times as well. What I’m struggling with now with this situation is the man has now come to my father expressing that he would like to come to see my parents and discuss his intentions. With that being said, my mother is having an impact on this situation as he’s from a different culture and isn’t well known to my parents. I’ve asked on an Islamic level if they have a problem with him or if it’s just a cultural issue. Every time I try to talk especially to my mother, she shuts down the conversation and doesn’t allow me to explain or doesn’t allow my father to have a say in it at all. For myself, I’ve expressed that I am capable to take on the role as a wife and I am also emotionally, physically and mentally prepared as well. I’ve been praying isikhara and making dua as well. Is there anything else I can do with this situation, with convincing my parents especially my mother? Jazakallah Khair