Marriage issues

Sairah asked 7 years ago

Salaam , I hope you are well insha Allah
I am a married woman and recently found out I am pregnant alhamdulillah, my husband and I were very happy with the news.And alhamdulillah we are a very loving couple.
My in laws throughout my 1.5 years of marriage (father in law, mother in law and gran in law ) have created constant lies and mind games. Recently they made up a lot of lies – it’s come to a point where my husband has had a nervous breakdown after he recently had another argument over all these petty comments and issues about me from his elders.
My mother in law admitted to making up lies but my father in law didn’t. He was so angry I have never seen him like this. Out of the blue he told me to stay at my parents and he has left the house we stay in, I have no idea where he has gone to and he didn’t seek my permission, it is 3 days since he has gone . He hasn’t told his family and he does not answer any of my calls. Being pregnant I need to start attending appointments, to start my antenatal care – I have had to cancel them as I am not in my husbands town which is 90 miles away, I’ve come to my parents (my father and brothers do not know what is going on). I am distraught. My husband and I get along really well and I have always felt like my in laws are trying to separate us.
I feel like during my pregnant state my husband has abandoned me, he has not cared about my safety, nor cared to get in touch to let me know where he is staying ? I feel he has neglected me at a time where his parents have given me mental abuse too and I expected him to at least stay by my side so we can support each other, I don’t know if I can trust him again to look after me.
I am a doctor myself alhamdulillah financially able so I will have to work hard to earn for baby and I . I am still deeply saddened at my husbands behaviour- where do I stand ? Is he allowed to do this to me? Is he sinning? I would really appreciate your response as soon as, I follow the hanafi madhab so would appreciate advice from this school of thought. JazakAllah khair.