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Joshua Lees asked 4 years ago

Assalamu alaikum, 
An adult woman who is 22 years of age has stressed her desire to marry me which I have expressed the same desire as well as an adult male.
We have talked on the phone but we did do the action unbeknownst to her parents, which is where our problems stems from.
Her parents are slightly racist towards me considering my race, caucasian, to be trash.
They don’t think I’m Muslim despite being a convert/revert and think little of me for not being a born Muslim.
They’ve been abusing their daughter for even considering me and forcing proposals on her consistently.
We have a long distance relationship, myself being in Canada and her being in Dubai/India.
What options do her and I have? She has stressed that she will not marry anyone else but her parents are not listening to her requests.
Are we doing anything thing haram? We don’t feel like we are. We have been doing our best to follow Islam and have tried to reason with her parents out of respect. 
While we understand in Islam we should respect our parents regardless we feel there is a limitation when it comes to our choices and them forcing their cultural views on her taking religion out of the equation. 
So my questions are:
Are we in the wrong? 
What can we do to try and secure our marriage through Islam?