Marriage in a dream?

Marriage in a dream?Category: RelationshipsMarriage in a dream?
Amal asked 8 years ago

Hello, I have recently had this same dream both every vivid in the space of 2 months. 
I dreamt that my mother was getting married to someone before I was born or my brothers and sister. I assume that it was my dad as it looked like the same wedding from pictures, but I never saw my dad in this dream. I remeber being there as a guest and just watching the wedding, my mum(the bride) didn’t know who I was. However, my nan who has passed away eary 2013 who I was very very close with was there (nan from mums side) and she knew who I was and I stayed with her through out the ceremony and dinner just catching up on life. I often have dreams being reunited with my nan and crying in the dream to find out I was crying in my sleep. After the wedding my nan walked me to my door step and i remember getting out my keys and my nan was gone. After that I woke up witth tears down my face. I spoke to my mum about this and she doesn’t want to hear it as she said ‘it means death’. 
Also it may help that my mum is found to be ill in the bowl system (too early to know, still having tests) and bowl cancer runs in my family as thats how my nan died. I am still very young, only 16.
I was hoping that I can get a response from someone who understands this, only because I havent came across a marriage with dead relatives. 
Thank you