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Courtney lewis asked 4 years ago

i moved in with my partner and his mother around 1.5 years ago, we want to get married as if not living together is haram but his mother won’t give him her blessing. His mother will allow me to live with them because I’m paying her rent so she is getting money out of me so I can live with them but it’s extremely haram, but she won’t let us get married? She’s aware me and him are together and have been for 1.5 years. Is she haram? Can me and him go to the mosque to get married so we are no longer living in haram without his mother’s blessing as we no longer want to live together when it’s haram but again the mother will only let me live with them to get money out of me. I converted into Islam around a year ago and I cannot be doing anything haram as I’m a good Muslim and I do not want any sins but us living together is haram! Can I have some advice please on what we can do?