Marriage help

Nabeel asked 4 years ago

i did something very bad over the weekend. My wife has been suffering from some depression. She is finding it hard to adjust to a new environment and stuggling to live with the in laws we have been married for over a year. Everytime we speak about it, it can get very upsetting and i blame myself alot. i have been feeling lonely and and i thought i was unloved because of this. So on Saturday i started looking for things to spice our marriage up and i ended up going to a porn site and viewing something disgusting i thought this may help i felt shamed and disgusted afterwards. The next day my wife found this in my history. This was the second time i have done this a space of 8/9 months. I really love this women but i have betrayed and disrespected her. We spoke about this however i don’t what to do. I have repented and will keep on repenting. How do i mend our relationship and what can i do as a person and how to make my wife make me trust me again.