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Riaz asked 5 years ago

one day,we both said qubool in presence of 2 of our friend.we said that because in an article we read about Hanafi Madhab’s nikah. From there we got to know that if we say Qubool infront of you person and the nikah will be valid. So, have we got married? If yes, the boy whom I have accepted as my husband has said talak to me in different situations. The situations were: 1. we both were quarrelling on something and he said talak for twice not more then that but in message. 2. after a few month again he said talak twice in my presence 3. after a few month later He wrote talak in messages or sometime he said to me directly.
He said talak 4 times face to face and 3 times in messages. I don’t remember If I was impure or not. So, please kindly tell me we were married?And again  are divorced or not?