Marriage help

Kubra asked 5 years ago

Im a shia muslim women and i wnat to marry a sunni man. I have been trying to comvince my parents for the past 2 yeats they arent agreeing. The male that i have chosen has all the right qualities but my parents are disagreeing because he is a sunni and now because of this i have decided to run away and get married to the boy. The boys family are on my side and are very religious. They will help us.. but i am really sad as my parents dont want to agree but i have no choice
Am i doing the right thing? 
I know that i wont be happy with any other man and also my parents have been forcing me and depriving me from marrying him.They also insulted them and humiliated them. They flew and came to meet my family but my dad dint open the door for them. My dad told me his reputation is eveeythimg he will kill if he has to but wont let me marry
Please help me