Marriage help

Mohammed asked 5 years ago

I have been married for 5 years now. In these 5 years I’ve been caught cheating which led me to go to prison. My wife gave me a difficult time whilst I was in there as she was pregnant and I missed the birth of my first child but she said she forgave me.
I understand I broke her heart and I have done absolutely everything in my ability to make things right. She told me that where she has found out the information from would be a slap in my face which tells me she still speaks to someone close to me and hints that I need to choose my friends wisely. The information is from before I went prison which, as I mentioned before, she forgave me for.
 I have a daughter Alhamdulillah with another on the way. I am now in a situation where I’m abroad and my wife has blocked me on WhatsApp without any reason and any argument we have, she brings up the past. When the argument isn’t going her way she decides to bring up the past and use that against me and then the argument gets really nasty. She curses me. Hopes that I die but Allah(swt) as my witness, there is never a day when I don’t make dua for her. Thats my right to do so. I pray for our marriage. 
As my spouse she finds it hard to understand my financial situation and right now I’m in such a mess where I’m in debt and the reason why I’m abroad is to help recoup the money I owe to people. In her head she feels I’m not going to get the money but I have to atleast try. It’s because I’ve been given death threats and I have notified the police but I have still decided to come and try get the money
So she is now saying she will seek to get a divorce after the baby is born. I’m not in the best position to fight with her. We have had so many ups and downs and many because of my stupidity before I went to prison. 
I really need advice or counselling for both of us. I have tried to be fair in what I have mentioned. My wife has done an amazing job with raising my first daughter. I will never doubt her motherhood but as s wife, I feel neglected and she makes that clear that I don’t matter to her 
really would appreciate a reply