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sarah asked 7 years ago

i need help and assistant with something and is very serious.
I am a sunni girl and want to marry a man who is a shia. we want to get married so we can start our future together but unfortunately due to him being a shia my parents are not agreeing. I have known this man for a long time and know that he is very lind hearted person and loves me for who i am and wouldnt ever change me. my father says that it is really bad and that i will jumping into hell if i marry him and will take my parents to hell too. making me feel like a bad person!
i want to marry this person and he believes in Allah (swt), our prophets, and the Quran so how can he not be a muslim?! yes i know there are differences but they are opinions and other arguments between sunnis and shias. Also there are stuff that we both spoke about after we marry for example our kids and cleared all that but my dad is still being stubborn and feels that they feel change me into shia (which i KNOW he wouldnt!) and also that he has read stuff that shows shias are just kafars basically. He isnt even agreeing to meet him and im stuck because i cant leave either , my family or him!