M asked 8 years ago

I have since I was young (18) liked a young boy my age. As we grew up together and were more easily tempted by Shaytan, we had committed sins. Quite recently we both realised that as we were becoming a lot older we had to ask Allah for forgiveness (may he accept our prayers) and follow the rules he had set us and embarked on a “halal” per say relationship. Which were both very content in.
However,  this month he has had a new job offer and has moved towns as a result. We were initially fine and completely normal speaking everyday not having any issues. Within the space of a week things seems to decline and the pressure of his job has caused him to have an effective break down and thus end any communication between us. Blocking all forms of contact.  His friends explain the new job is extremely demanding 12 hour days, 7 days a week  and I understand. I have prayed to Allah to help me understand what I should do. Is it correct for me to wait for this person, although I’m unsure how long for and to see if they change their mind? Or do I accept the end, and simply move on? 
Right now I feel my mind is not being clear and I am experiencing a lot of heart ache and lack of sleep. My last question would be, is it correct for me to perform Istikhara to help see what Allah would like me to do?