omaima asked 4 years ago

6 months I met a guy near my university who was a mutual friend in my degree. However he wasn’t attending the university himself he works in his dads garage ( bodywork). I told my mother instantly about how he was serious in marriage and I had met him multiple occasions to have discussions and I felt strong feelings towards this person. I am the only daughter, my father left me when I was 2 and mother then remarried and now live with my stepdad. He is Shia sect however I find no problems with that I myself am very understanding and accepting of all religions and faiths. When I told my stepdad about this he said NO he is Sunni you are not allowed a few days later he then said his job is bad and you are a university student. Months passed by and I just had enough. His mother spoke to mine and they scheduled a day to come to us (only female). My mother agreed with everything that was said during the meeting and said that we will wait for the men to talk ( she told my mother if the answer is a no just tell us now there is no point of coming). I ended up giving my stepdads number to her and my stepdad agreed to meet yesterday. All the men in his family came to mine, everything was good. His dad told my father “what would you like to do a normal engagement or Katb el Ktab”. My dad responded I will ask my daughter and her mother. My dad called me upstairs to them looked at me and said say Asalamualkum. Then he told me to go back downstairs. He didn’t ask me anything. The people left and it was just a very embarrassing situation as a whole. I asked my stepdad what happened he gave me a dirty look. Then my neighbour came and he spoke to my female neighbour about everything he didn’t say anything to me and my mum (my mum became angry) (he treats us very badly) he told her that apparently they agreed on an engagement and that is totally what I didn’t want however it was better than nothing which was going to apparently last for a year. Finally the mother of the guy who asked for my hand in marriage called me and said did ur father talk to you? I said no. She said that he would ask u what u would want. But my stepdad didn’t talk about anything ( I know him very well these are his childish games he plays. He laughed at me and said are you stupid you will marry a garage boy such a shit boy and he said that he wouldn’t be able to give me a life ( I know my self that I would be living a good life. ) last but not least when I said that he was being two faced I walked back to my room and he started beating me up in front of my neighbour aunt and mother and step brothers everyone tried to stop him and my mum had a panic attack and couldn’t breath. So that’s the story. Today his father said that he would not come back to my father and would not like to speak to him anymore I told my mother and she didn’t say anything she said to be patient. I have honestly have had enough of this disastrous life. P.s my father sat down with my neighbour accusing and saying I am a bad female and how I’m disgusting etc