Dee asked 8 years ago

I have been married for 7 years now and have 4 lovely children. I have left my spouse and went to stay with a family member. I converted to Islam 6 years ago I was Christian before and my family is. I left because I have been beaten on many occasions and have been called very nasty names. My spouse has started a batterers program and myself have been in counseling and a program for battered spouses. My living situation is good the problem is my family member has a male roommate. I live in a separate part of the house and have my own living quarters. The roommate is 7 years younger than me and there is definitely no temptation from either side at all. I rea)you have no where else to go. My spouse offered me a place but I was frightened to be alone when the abuse has gotten so intense and I am not employed at the moment. I myself feel that my children and my safety were more important than this. My sister and brother are always home and I am never alone with the roommate. I told him about the beliefs I have so I will leave and find something to do if there might be a chance of us being alone. But there is definitely no temptation on either side. It is just my spouse is very upset and has decided he wants to divorce me because he said I cheated on him by doing this. I was not trying to cause any problems I just wanted to get some counseling behind us before we tried to reconcile. How bad is this what I am doing or is it okay for now giving the circumstances? Please help me with this I am lost.