Arshiya asked 4 years ago

Assalamualaikum, I am married for three years and I converted to Islam to marry my husband also for my interest in Deen.After marrying I have become pious in Islam and I found my husband lacks Deen.he is such an arrogant person who shouts at me for everything and beats me very harsh even when I was pregnant.!I have no own to share with because inspite of my parents accepted him also he shouts and them too and behaves very bad.its three years since I’m married I haven’t even seen my husband’s parents and I don’t know anyone in their family.Inspite of knowing about him they are least bothered about my suffering.i have a three year old baby and I’m 22 .I got married @19 thinking to have a great life as a little girl but my life is all nightmare.Everyday he used to scold me and threaten me but I calm myself reading to Quran or Islamic posts These days I feel the burden of my soul is too much ..I left my family for Islam but after converting I have no one to share how I feel..I always used to think Islamic people are a people manners and wisdom but on the contrary my husband is arrogant as beast and has bad habits too….this time I’m really broken I can’t bear the pain ….kindly suggest me what I should do further???give me some Islamic advice!