Yasmine asked 4 years ago

Salam aleikum! I am a Muslim woman, and I have been married for about 4 years with my husband who is also a Muslim. When we met I was not a Muslim but now I have returned to Islam about 3 years ago. The big problem is that my husband is not a practicing Muslim. He does not pray etc. and cannot answer my questions even though he was born into a Muslim family and has always been a Muslim. He also not let me cover myself. So this situation is very difficult because i don\’t know what to do anymore. I have told him many times that we could pray together and he would go to the mosque to learn more but he not seem really intresting about anything. I’ve give him many many changes… We have a son and i want him to learn islam because in the country where we live we are a minority. Now I talked with a Muslim man who can answer my questions, and takes me closer to Allah swt. He looking for a wife. please help me what can i do? Jazakallahu Khair