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Saba khan asked 5 years ago

Asalamu alaykum i m a girl turning 20 this year , i am in a relationship with a guy from past 5 years he is a muslim and we both love each other we are not involved in any type of haram relation .We want to get married .Since we are living in a society where perfect age for getting marriage is 30 or 28 .and this is very long gap for us .We dont want to commit more sins as we know this relationship is not permissible thoug we are not involved in any adultery or anything. in order to not commit more sins we have decided to perform nikkah secretly and not to tell our parents till our marriage time comes .During this period we will be living in our guardians home and not come closer physically .This is only because we know at this point of time our parents wont allow us to maary since we dont want to commit more sins like talking to each other or meeting .I want to know whether it is permissible or not