roeshfeeda asked 7 years ago

Assalamu’alaykum, Iam 19 years of age will be 20 in a few months. I have found this guy that knows his deen and he has the best of manners. now I have a mother that just always wants her way and she never want to admit her wrong doings. whenever I have someone in my life and my mother has seen enough of his face she forces me to leave him. she came as far as trying the same thing with the guy I have now. I left the house, went to live with my grandmother because I couldn’t deal with the way she always never want to hear what I have to say , she always just say that I will just do as she request. we had a little family problem before all this happened. my mother and her mother had a big argument and by the time I left she blamed me for everything and it was not me.i apologised various times to my mother but nothing changed. I have been living with my grandmother for 3 months now. by the second month my mother came saying that I should rather get married because she can see I want the guy. I told her that I want to get married to him  but by that time he wasn’t working. I told her that once he gets a job ill get married to him because I don’t want her saying that I wanted him but he cant even provide for me. that just how she is. me and the guy decided to get married before ramadaan, when I went to my mother to tell her about this she told me that she is not giving her blessing to me, after she told me that the guys parents also went with him to ask my hand in marriage, still she refuse she also said that if I want to go further with the nikkah. she wont stop me, imam I really want to get married to avoid any haram. what should I do?