Salman asked 7 years ago

Dear respect brothers and sisters, I am a married man who has been married for 3 years, unfortunately, being raised in the states my marriage was not my decision and I was forced by my parents through and ultimatum to marry. Without a choice I went forward knowing it is not what I wanted but I did k best to make it work. I am 30 years old and she in 21, I was never able to communicate effectily no did I ever feel married, I’ve always felt like I was raising someone else’s child. I am here now in love with someone else who is a non Muslim and would like to convert and do everything religiously, how-ever , my parents are informed and are in resent , they have never had my back nor will they now. I have tried to reconcile and there is no hope for my marriage since i was never happy in the first place. I would like someone’s opinion, I am in love and she is a respectful person who I see a great future with. Thank you respectfully.