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Adam asked 4 years ago

Assalamu Alaykoum, I turn to you to ask you about digital marketing, a business that I am about to launch.

Do I have some responsibility for how the product or service is sold and / or purchased / consumed given that basically I only attract prospects to prod / serv that are basically legal?

The activity’s mission is to bring more customers to companies (Real Estate Agencies / Dealers and Others) and increase their turnover through advertising.

Some companies such as real estate agencies can encourage their customers to use an usurious loan in order to buy their goods, or certain establishments offer illicit products and or services (alcohol, mixed pool); although the basic product or service is lawful like a flat or hotel room.

Is this activity illegal; lawful or lawfully conditional (turnover expiation)?

Thank you in advance for your attention, in the hope of receiving a response from you, keep up the good work, assalamu alaykoum.

Cordially Adam J.