Marital problem

Rushda asked 4 years ago

Assalam alaikum… I’ve been married for 4years now and have a 2.5years old son. I’m working as a teacher and my husband is a businessman…my problem is that i live with my mother in my paternal house away from my husband due to my job as my husband do not want me to leave the job neither he makes any attempt to keep me and his son with him as he lives in another city alone which has made me really depressed .He doesn’t give me any financial support as he feels I’m earning on my own but it makes me feel he is careless towards his responsibilities… My mother is old and she has to look after a lot of things for me and my son also my unmarried sister has dedicated her life in a way towards taking care of me and my son and there’s no male member in our family . I’m in a constant state of distress because of my married life and have become very weak emotionally.My husband visits me once in a month only .we often fight because of our differences as i feel he’s irresponsible, selfish,doesn’t respect my family although i respect his and doesn’t spend on me or our son and don’t want me to live with him . Because of my pressurising, he made a plan of getting me transferred to my in law’s place and assured me he would also come there which i doubt as he often lies. I objected to this idea as my in laws live in a place which is quite backward and not apt for raising a child and because of this he insulted me verbally and even created a drama by telling everything to his parents.He shouted amd screamed at me and said insulting things..i was pregnant at that time and it affected me really badly physically and emotionally. I lost my baby in the fourth month due to some genetic abnormality but somehow i keep thinking it happened due to the excess stress or may be Allah punished me because i might be wrong somewhere and may have hurt my husband. .. I’m a firm believer in Allah, offers salat regularly, try my best to avoid sins and observe islam practically as much as i can. My husband doesn’t pray(salat) no Matter how much i insist. He tells me akhlaq is more important.his lack of interest towards observing deen also bothers me a lot. He even feels uncomfortable by me observing hijab. It’s getting too much for me to tolerate now and i often speak my heart out to him no matter how harsh my words get thinking he understands my situation but it makes him angrier and things get worse. i always reconcile with him thinking Allah is going to punish me if i don’t and even try be more patient and understanding but things aren’t getting better. My husband thinks he is right and I’m the one creating problems in the relationship. Please advise me what to do.