Man I love

Huma Munir asked 5 years ago

assalamualaikum. i have been talking to a guy for the past 7 months, he has brought me closer to Allah ﷻ , yes some may say we were in a haram relationship and there is no good in what’s haram but we’re both the youngest in our families and both our parents strongly believe in getting married when youre graduated and are financially stable, at around 26 years old, we are both currently 21. he brought me closer to Allah ﷻ , we never met because we didnt want to fall in to traps of shaytaan. I read an article where it talked about how our prophet ﷺ was with his wives and that’s exactly how this guy was with me. Because of my past i kept telling him he was hurting me for not giving me the one thing i want from him which is time, i felt as though he was putting me last, i tried to push him away 4 times and this time he left me and he is acting like somebody he is not, but i know hes doing it to protect me because he thinks hes going to hurt me again. he said hes never going to marry me, hes going to marry whomever his mum picks, as there is no good in haram. i know he is doing this because he is a good guy and he is scared of hurting me once again, but i told him time and time again you cant hurt me because i have realised my mistake and where i have gone wrong. i dont know what to do, i love this guy and if i could marry him right now i would. i know my only way of getting him back is by pleasing Allah ﷻ . I just need assistance on whether i should tell my parents about him because i dont want things to go wrong, what if my parents have the wrong reaction and tell me to leave him right now, or think im too young to be in love (they have that mentality), or what if they actually agree but then go to his house and he refuses purely because he thinks he is going to hurt me. but i dont think my parents would ever agree going to his house right now because im 21 and that in their eyes is too young. i dont know what i should do, all i know is i have to marry this guy that brought me so close to Allah ﷻ