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Farah asked 4 years ago

asalamu alaiqum,
I have been offered a job in an Islamic school in Malasyia. I have two boys age 11 and 7. I applied for this job so that it can be our way out of the UK and do hijrah for the sake of Allah swt to a Muslim land. I know I am not oppressed in the UK. But I have this opportunity to take my boys and educate them in an Islamic setting. 
my husband is opposing this and saying that we cannot go. His reasons are that the house we have will be destroyed and that he cannot leave his parents which I understand. I said to him at least give me the ijazah and I can take the boys and live there. 
He has said he will divorce me if I go and take the boys away from me.
Please can you advise me on what I should do.