Loss of respect for "younger" people.

Loss of respect for "younger" people.Category: ReligionLoss of respect for "younger" people.
Ayyub asked 8 years ago

In my household, respect is an “alien” thing for the elders or someone who is older than another. Let’s assume an older sibling beat up or got in to a fight with the younger sibling. The younger sibling is trying to defend himself and does so by using self defence actions (not very harmful, just to “push” back the aggressive older sibling).
The blame would go purely on the younger sibling with no respect for them even though they were clearly trying to defend against the aggressive older sibling and compassion would go towards the elder sibling.
Why is this in Islam, why does this throw out the self-defence law (from 1998).
In Islam it also seems that anyone younger, like in the example above there is zero respect given no matter the situation.
Just because Allah said to respect your elders does not mean elders can treat younger people like a piece of trash disregarding them as a human being.