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Alexis asked 7 years ago

I am revert, and I started understanding Islam through a gentlemen. We had a long and difficult past. He lied to me in the beginning. His girlfriend called my phone and harassed me. I let it go but I was hurt and very depressed. Then I moved to his country because I enrolled in a masters program. I called him and re-initiated contact. He wavered back forth about whether or not he wanted to be with me. At the beginning of this year, he said he wanted a future with me and he wants to get married. He believes I am the one for him. I can say I didn’t fully forgive him but I went along to see where his actions were going. As time went on I kept asking when he wants to get married, but he never responded. He introduced me to his family, but didn’t want to meet mine or make the initiative. I argued with him until finally we took a break. He told me he doesn’t know what he wants and said he could be making the biggest mistake of his life, but he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore. So we called it quits for good. I’m really heartbroken by this because a lot what I know about Islam came from our conversations. I know I have to forgive myself for allowing to care. I am a revert. My dad isn’t a muslim and he just found me after 20 years of not being in my life. I really want to be married. I’ll be 30 years old this year, and I just want to live right with this new beautiful religion and not have someone use to manipulate me. My first question: how does one recover from major heartbreak? What are the islamic steps to take to get over this heartbreak? Question two: As a revert woman, what are halal ways to meet and get to know men for marriage?