Living arrangements after Khula

Living arrangements after KhulaCategory: RelationshipsLiving arrangements after Khula
Malaika Haque asked 4 years ago

Assalaam wa alaykum 
I am in the process of obtaining a Khula from my husband and am currently living in the same house as him. The house is legally jointly owned by me and my husband, and we jointly own another house which is on rent.
My question is after  Khula is  granted, he becomes a non-mahram for  me and therefore does Shariah state that he must leave the house?
He refuses to leave the house we are living in, despite the fact that he can move into the second home. He has said he will give me my share  of the residential house and wants me to move out of the home with my children. I do not want to move  into the second home as it is far away from my children’s schools, away from my work and will really create alot of disruption for my children if I move out. Grateful for advice, jazakAllah.