Legal marriage in islam

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A.Trad asked 4 years ago

Salaam. I have been trying to get married legally to my fiance for the past two months now. But the paperwork process is stressful because I’m an American and he’s an Algerian. My family has forbid us to do the Islamic marriage first and advised us to do the legal marriage first. I feel that with this whole situation I am losing patience,sanity,and most of all faith in Allah and the worse part is I feel we are commitng haram because we are not married in any form. I dont know what to do any more I pray and zikr but I feel like Allah has given up on me. I want to give up this whole situation and just be left alone. I have tried to get married plenty of times before and they all failed this is the only one I have started a legal process with. I have tried to leave him but Allah keeps him in my life. What do I do? Have I done something wrong to deserve this or is my patience just being tested to the max? Last but not least I have had multiple break downs and my axiety has started to physically affect me. Please tell me what can I do in this situation.