Leaving mother to live with husband

Leaving mother to live with husbandCategory: OtherLeaving mother to live with husband
Molly asked 4 years ago

I recently got married and my husband lives in a different country. We have been living apart for the last 2 months because I live with my mom and have to take care of her. I live with my mom and it is just us two in the house.My father passed away long time ago so it has just been me and her living in the house. She works, doesn’t drive and doesn’t speak English very well so she depends on me for many things. My husband wants me to move with him in the next year but I know this will cause an issue with my mother. She will not want to move with me which my husband is okay with. She also does not want to go live with my brother or any other family. I am not sure what to do because I want to make them both happy and I feel guilty if I let one down. Please give me some advice.