Khadija Ahmed asked 4 years ago

my name is Khadija and I am a 18 year old girl who was born and raised in America with strict Islamic parents that taught me the right way how to properly love my religion. Therefore growing up in America I held true to my religion always and never accepted boys that approached me never was in a relationship or even looked at boys that way. I moved to Egypt for university and there was a boy that admitted feelings for me and there was something in me that didn’t dismiss him like I have to the previous. His love grew and he eventually would hug and even kiss me on the cheek and neck and I allowed this to happen and would realize after the haram action and grow incredibly guilty. I even kissed his cheek once due to pressure which made me feel even more guilty. I don’t know how to properly repent to Allah SWT or if he will even accept my repentence for this major sin. What should I do for Allah SWT to forgive me and how major is my sin? 
Jazak Allah Khair