Mustafa Kuba asked 8 years ago

Es-selamu aleykum
Im Mustafa and im from the Netherlands.Im 16 years old and im muslim.We have to present a presentation about the jihad for school.We can find alot of information about it on the web and ofcourse alot of news about it.Also alot of books in which the writers give their opinions about it.We dont want to get the information from one side , but we want to make a presentation with very good arguments , facts and opinions of different people (including you , an imam).Now lets get to the question :).What is the jihad ? Why did happen and who did it ? Why do people nowadays use ”the jihad” to kill people who do not believe in the islam ? When would you be allowed to to start a jihad ? I would really love to get your opinion about this subject.Since alot of people have preconceptions about it , especially here in the Netherlands.With this we want to show people the real islam : a religion of peace and love.Im sorry for my bad english.I hope to hear from you soon !! 😀