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Maya asked 4 years ago

I go to a catholic school and I respect people for their different beliefs but I cannot even begin to imagine the possibility of God being Jesus, it’s not true and I know it. I think Christians want to humanize God to try to relate to him better but it just doesn’t work that way. We know Jesus never said he was God’s son, so who did, who started these misinterpretations and what does the Quran say about it? My religion teacher said that when Jesus will return their will be thunder and a symbol in the sky. I immediately thought I bet it shall be our symbol and not the cross. So what does it say in the divine Islamic scriptures about Jesus coming back. Will he tell everyone the truth and will Christians realize they were wrong? Will the Jews convert? Will people realize we are the last Abrahamic religion and thus the most updated one? And finally will Muslims, Jews and Christians ever stop fighting and instead ban together as we are the chosen people, we all together believe in the same God, isn’t that the most important? I end this with a love to Allah our one and only creator!