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Muslima asked 7 years ago

Assallamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,
I have a question involving jealousy. Unfortunately, I have developed a feeling of jealousy this past year towards many people around me who I dearly love. I am ashamed to admit this, because I have never felt this in my entire life, envying someone, sure, but never jealousy, because I believe that jealousy is a nasty thing. I have a feeling of me being stuck, not knowing what I want in life, not having any kind of confidence in myself and seeing how people around my are evolving into these beautiful, strong and smart human beings (because they truly are) makes me of course really happy for them, but also jealous. I know that we all have our own path’s in life and I should be more grateful, and not think so much of the things that I do not have but more about the things that I am blessed with. But I can’t seem to shake off this feeling and I truly feel really bad for having these kind of feelings. I pray that whatever my bad thoughts and feelings are, that they will never harm any of my friends or family, because I truly do not wish them any bad. It’s just that these bad thoughts pop up in my mind. I feel disgusted with myself for having these thoughts. 
Now my question is, how can I get rid of this feeling? Is there a specific dua for this, on how I can get red of these feelings or is there a specific dua for people I may be jealous of?
Thank you.