sasha asked 4 years ago

im a 14 year old girl and im muslim, iv been living with my family and since 6th grade me and my mum have been arguing alot and at the start i thought it was all normal till id start crying at night, not being able to sleep, eat, and it got to a point id started cutting remind you i was 12 at that time turning 13 so that was like the first time stuff like this happened and ever since then it would happen regular and durin the year we went on a family trip so we did, my whole family woke up early around 3:50am, mum came to wake me up but she was being rlly rude and yelling at me during the time and im guessing why was because we had a fight before that day so i guess she took it out again, so me and her started arguing and i started to cry infront my dad and my dad told her to stop, but i kept crying and we kept arguing and as i was leavong to go to the car my dad got so mads that he grabbed my head and smashed (SMASHED) with full force against the edge of the sofe whitch this one had metal and i just remeber being on the ground crying and crying couldnt breath, and recently around 2 months ago me and my mum had a fight a huge one around 1am and blah blah i was crying she was wishing bad apon me telling me i hope u die, insallah you die, idc if you do, ur not my daguther, allah mawatek like god(allah) kill u and all this other horribel things i didnt want to here and ever since then we have bad blood i try to be good but she hates me and wishes bad