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Rose asked 5 years ago

Asalamwalaykum , I have been praying istakhara for marriage and would like some guidance on interpreting my dreams. 1. First istakhara was made in Ramadan my dream showed me I was on my honey moon with this man who was my husband , he was wearing a blue top with blue jeans. It shows we were on a tour guide and then got on a boat with our tour , the tour guide told us to make sadqa boxes which we were then put in the sea for the fishes. Overall I got positive feelings from this dream.          2. This was done the day after the first istakhara , therefore was in Ramadan aswell. In this dream I was in a honey farm , there were bee hives on trees which then the bee hives fell , bees starting coming out of the hives and I got scared that they were going to attack me so I tried to hide but alhumdulilah instead of the bees coming towards me they went the other way. I then started taking the honey combs out of the hives and starting eating the honey directly from the honey combs.         3. This dream I had after Ramadan , I had a dream it was my wedding day , I was wearing a white dress , me and my family were getting ready to go to the wedding venue ( the wedding venue is a venue were a lot of ppl we know get married in ) we reach the venue and a man who is suppose to be my husband and his family are there , I cannot see this mans face, this man is wearing white , the venue then changes and we end up in another popular wedding venue we’re a lot of ppl I know get married in , I see my mum lighting up candles and putting them in the fountain, the dress I see myself wearing then becomes gold and cream and my husbands clothes become gold and cream too . Also in my dream there are two payments of £100 and £ 101 that need to be paid for my wedding , my sister and my cousin who are younger then me and are still students pay it for me. Overall I got a very positive feeling from this dream and in my dream I see my husband talking to me and smiling at me but his face is blurred .                        4. I had this dream recently, it was a dream in a dream. In this dream I see myself having a istakhara dream showing that I should marry my mums cousins son , I see my self waking up from that dream and then see myself taking to my mum and my mum telling me she had a dream about the same person. I tell my mum I had a istakhara dream that I should marry this person and she’s shocked to hear that but won’t tell me what her dream was , she then goes on Facebook to show me a pic of him and we carry on talking and then she agrees to tell me her dream , when she’s about to tell me her dream about him the front door knocks and my dream ends . What do these dreams mean and what should I do next ?