Istihaada or menses?

Istihaada or menses?Category: WomenIstihaada or menses?
Belyamani asked 6 years ago

Salaam ou 3leikom, I have an akward situation and first of all i am sorry to ask this. This year with Ramadan i got my period on the beginning of Ramadan. I am on the birthcontrol so its regular. If everything would go correct and i would take my pills correctly i should have gotten my next period until after Ramadan. But 10 days before i should get my periode. I am getting an bruinish discharge (my sincer apologies) and this discharge didnt stop either. Its everyday, sometimes a lot and most of the time nothing. I looked it up on the internet and i thought its Istihadah and i remaind my fasting and praying with wudu before every salaat. I know if i end my birth control pils then my perios will come as naturally. If i look op the birthcontrol pil the call it spotting not menses. I am very confused and i want to know if my fasting and praying is correct. Or did i do it wrong and do i have to do them again after Ramadan?