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Mustafa Enayat asked 4 years ago

Asalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu !
My name is Mustafa Enayat
Sir, I have been married for 4 years now and have a son named yusuf. Before marriage i described everything to my wife that i want to live in islamic way and vice
versa she accepted it and we did Nikaah. After few months of marriage she changed her behaviour she stopped wearing veil and she was not interested in prayers anymore.
I tolerated that by advcing and love with the help of islamic verses. Then after sometime she lied that she has bipolar disease then i was more helpful to her from
before and she was visiting her parents from sweden to london usually.
i found out when she goes to London from sweden to her parents she was wearing short skirts drinking alcohol, smokings ashish,
and having male friends. she had been deceiving me from the beginning of life. here in sweden she was being humble kind hepful emotional wife but while she went to
London she had contact with male friends smoking ashish and alcohol. I tolerated because of child and convinced quit all those evil actions and we have a son we have
responsibility to provide him better islamic future. this time she travelled to india with her sister and lied they go their for
medical treatment but when i found out they were accompanied by a male friend and they stayed in same hotel. on their return they refuse to know that person but when
i showed them evidence they confessed that he is their friend and brother. after sometime i found my wife picture sitting with him in the park so closely when i showed this
picture to her she said that is my sister” boyfriend. her sister is in marriage too while she was having affair to that My wife is saying she is accompanied with
them but not in the same hotel room. although my wife confessed she smoked asshish with this man and this man is her married sister boyfriend. when i checked my wife
social media accounts and hacked them i saw she was not only in contact with one but many. she was sending kisses talking with different man on the internet.
1. Now my wife confesses that she was not loyal honest to me and she will repent but still she does the samething behind my back.
3. before marriage when i checked now she had many boyfriends although she belongs to a good muslim family.
4. After marriage when i found out everything now she is asking me for a chance.
5 For me it is very difficult to trust her again otherwise i do not want to ruin my life and son future but what is your advice sir.
6. In four years time i have tried to teach her salah and to change her lifestyle but i could not.
7. Now she is in london with my son and i know she has male friends that she contact everyday.
8. i could not sleep for the last 10 days well please sir give me advice what to do in this condition if i give her one more chance she will play again with my izzat
and i might not take that burden. For a muslim man his izzat and Ghairat is everything.
My last question is : Should i give her talaq i know that she has extra marital affairs and drinks alcohol smoke assish but from the other side my son will be raised
in a bad society with a hayaash mother. what islams says about in my situation what steps do i need to take