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Maria asked 4 years ago

 ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ
I converted to Islam about 6 months ago and married a widowed man with an 11 year old son and a 6 year old daughter. Due to COVID-19 my husband stays on call in hospital outside the city and available only at weekends. It feels very odd and awkward but I think details are necessary to be mentioned. At night, I usually sleep partially naked (without bra and sleep wear)due to health benefits. About two days ago at night, my son woke me up in a panicky manner by knocking quite hard at the room door. I donned the dress towel nearby and rushed to open the door where I found him only with the shirt on with his undressed pajamas in hand. He said he felt something was wrong with him and gave me his pajamas to examine. He had a semen discharge for the first time and discharge was on his pajamas, shirt and his body parts. He was in state of panic and was so frightened that he did not even move. So to clean him up on my own, I took off his dirty shirt and started cleaning while telling him to be relaxed as it’s part of a natural process through which every man goes. During the cleaning process, he started crying uncontrollably I don’t know why. I had read that hugging while lying down is comfortable enough for consoling a person, therefore, I hugged him and while hugging him I laid on my back on the couch to make him stop crying. After sometime while hugging, I felt his body and body parts were directly in contact with my body without any cloth in between which made me realize that my body had been exposed in front of my son the entire time as I had forgotten to tie the front knot of the dress in a hurry. After when he stopped crying, without making him realize it, I made him go to his room with new clothes. Situation had escalated so quickly I wish I had responded properly. I have not told my husband regarding this situation. Am I sinful for taking off all his clothes and making him fully naked and does this action lies in committing adultery? What is the punishment in Islam when one touches other’s private parts except husband and wife and also about the punishment when one is naked in front of whom they should not be? I sincerely repent upon all the actions and kindly forgive me if I have caused the discomfort while explaining the problem.