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Shuzeda asked 6 years ago

Is joining the British army as a non fighter haram (dentist,technician, doctor etc..)
Assalamu Alaikum,
My name is Shuzeda and I’m 15 I live in the UK. I’ve grown to realise that when I fully grow up, get married and have a family it will be difficult to stably finance the family with only one working parent (my future husband ). Due to the fact that everything is growing more and more expensive by the year especially since my parents brought me to the UK in 2002 for example housing- even food.
 I know this because only my Father (may Allah have mercy on him) works as a Chef (my father didn’t have a chance to go to school and he earns very little. He has to support a family of 6 including himself. This has created various problems within the family which I’m sad to say. However I must stress I am grateful towards my parents and Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala for what I have. 
As a result I decided it would be required to work in the future, therefore I chose medicine as a career. I always wanted to be a doctor since I thought it would be a fulfilling job knowing I have helped someone with their life. My parents are more than happy with me becoming a doctor as well. I study a lot and try and be the best I can be. I shall be doing my final GCSEs whilst doing Ramadan so need to work extra hard. My Allah    Subhanahu Wata’ala  guide me and give me strength. Please make da’wah I do well. 
As you know becoming a Doctor is expensive and will become more expensive when I’m older. Paying for uni + med school is way out of budget for what my Father could afford regardless of how much savings we do now. Recently my Father allowed me to join Air Cadets. I learn various skills like first aid, leadership also (which will help me in future) To be honest I’ve never been in such a respectful environment. (May I also say cadets isn’t a way of supporting war its a way of young people to learn discipline and new skills)
– The uniform has been catered to meet religious regulations like wearing hijab and not wearing skirt and tights. 
-my own place and time to pray and break fast.
– they cater food to meet halal requirements 
-they have generals like rules like a female can not be alone in a room with males
-.A male can not touch a female in any way without permission. 
My Father is very happy because I show people a side of Islam that many people misunderstand due to media. Unfortunately there isn’t many Muslims where I live so what I do reflects what a lot of people think about Islam. Many people have even told be I have changed they’re view on Islam due to how I am as a person not afraid to answer questions. For many people I am the only Muslim they know. Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala has blessed me I am one of the most respected people at my school and at cadets due to my maturity this I have Islam to thank.
My father and I hope to achieve my goal through the RAF. They are willing to fund my studies. However I have to serve as a Doctor in the RAF for a least 6 years. Personally my family and I are happy with this. The RAF is very respectful of my religion & can help me.  
First of all I am aware joining the British military as a soldier is haram because it is a kuffar army where they fight mostly muslims around the world, (bad and good). Also British Military are responsible for the drones that kill many of innocent children in abroad countries. 

HOWEVER!! Is it haram to join as someone who doesn’t fight at all. For example being a doctor, as you will only have to do injuries and illnesses related  problems. I have nothing to do with the fighting. Unfortunately humanity can’t live peacefully and respectfully as a result they fight and I deal with the aftermath. Regardless of ethnicity, religion, age or what ‘side’ you’re on for that matter. 

Or perhaps a  technician of a submarine. 

If one asks why? Well simple. British RAF (engineers,doctors,technician) get the best training available and its 100 percent free! Also you can do it at a young age, and you get paid VERY WELL at an incredibly young age. After three years of service you can quite do multiple good jobs for other companies! So I won’t always have to stay with RAF. 

If you say Doctor is haram, please explain why because you are not helping the kufar to win battles, you’re only saving someone’s life or making it better regardless of which ‘side’ you’re on. 

Jazakallah for your time.