is this interest halal

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Mohamed asked 4 years ago

Salam alekom

I have worked in a place for a year and they said there was a mistake in my payments at that time. So they sent me the correction payments,but  there is an interest field in this payments so I asked them the reason for this interest and they sent me the below explanation, is it Haram or Reba to take that money. See below description please.

( Notification of a Correct Pay payment being made to you :
During a recent payroll system review, we identified an error which has meant that some current and former employees have not received the correct pay.
We identified it had incorrectly calculated the minimum engagement period for part-time employees providing services to its customer,as required. This error is limited only to part-time employees who worked during this period.
We’re committed to ensuring employees are paid correctly. In this instance, you have been identified as eligible for backpay.
In your specific case, we have calculated $3000 (pre-tax) owing to you as outlined below:
Gross backpay:  2600$
Interest: 400$

I have followed up on your query and checked with the team.
They have advised the ‘interest’ payment is not as per these descriptions. It is a compensation payment for these wages not being paid correctly at the time and due to this compensation needs to be calculated as you were unable to have those funds in the correct pay period.)”

Can you send me the answer in my email please ,
Salam alekom