Is rape a punishment from God ?

Is rape a punishment from God ?Category: WomenIs rape a punishment from God ?
shereen asked 7 years ago

Dear imam
I was raped while having appendix removal at hospital 
no one believed me and my rapists get away with it leaving me with a disease from HIV family but less dangerous HSV 
I struggled to conduct a credible investigation 
I made lot of effort for a woman but my brothers surprised me to send me by force to mental hospital 
to blowout all my efforts 
label me mentally ill like the lies of my rapists 
they couldnt accept the idea that their sister was raped so they preferred to make me crazy 
My question is 
is all what happening to me punishment or a test 
because i m lost 
is it possible for God to see all my resistance for my honor and pride and rewarded it with mental hospital 
and this time the stab is deeper coming from my brothers whom I love and it was very unexpected 
even my family friends are so shocked from what my brothers did 
but even if they regretted it still the wound is so deep 
I always repeat 
ان لله وان اليه راجعون 
but do u think that what is happening to me punishment for things I might have done in my life and I dont remember it 
I always pray ,do zaka and donate for poor 
I really dont know why things are from bad to worse 
must be something I m doing wrong or what do u think 
Please advise bc I do not want to lose my faith the only thing left to me in this life 
not to mention bad memories at this mental hospital and how I was forced on everything